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COTT Top 10 Radio Plays for September 14th-20th., 2023

By Published September 25, 2023
Take a look at the songs on the playlist and comment on what you think is wrong with it. Now I have been looking at these playlists for some time now and noticed the same songs changing places, but the list is almost the same. This constantly repeats itself with a new song added every few weeks.
So, what is my issue with the list? Simply put, there are too many new songs out there for the same songs to be requested for so many weeks now. COTT creates the list based on radio plays in Trinidad and Tobago. I blame the radio stations for this problem. Is it that these are the only songs being requested? If that is the case, then there is a black hole for new music releases in the Twin Island Republic for sure! 
Artists create new music and release the songs online usually via Julianspromos but, many artists also send their songs to the radio stations hoping for much needed airplay; they hope that their songs will be featured as new music releases. When that is done there is an element of curiosity for the new music by the listening public. What happens next, the song is requested, and it becomes known and just maybe popular. If it is not played on the radio or does not become popular on YouTube, then the artist is in a bind and may not recoup the production costs!

So, even here on Ilandvybe radio, listeners should request the songs via chat or call the DJs and ask them, "Why the hell aren't you playing the new music"? Why are you playing so much Dancehall and Reggae when new Soca Music is out there? I will stop and hope that this message resonates with the DJs on the radio... are your feelings hurt? I couldn't care less!

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