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 "This is VybzHD, the DJ from NYC"

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, young Vybz inherited his love for music from his father, a DJ from Jamaica. While growing up around the Sound Fraternity and his Jamaican, West Indian & South American roots, young Vybz focused his love for music into the craft of djing. Over the years on his transition from young Vybz to VybzHD, he has played for various events like Block Parties, Clubs & Private Events to Weddings, Country Clubs & Corporate Events. Shying from no genre VybzHD has now earned the respect amongst his supporters and peers as he continues his journey.
VybzHD wants to share the world with you through his eyes, the eyes of Music. This is quality vibes with VybzHD himself. Welcome to The HD Experience.







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