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Damn Girl... What Would Your Mama Say?

By Published May 11, 2023

West Indian carnivals are renowned for their vibrant celebrations, pulsating rhythms, and exuberant dance displays. Among the many dance forms showcased at these festivals, some performances have been labeled as "promiscuous" due to their energetic and sensual nature. 

These dances have a cultural aspect. Dance expressions are amalgamations of African, European and indigenous influences all due to colonization, slavery and migration across continents and islands. Most of the attention is on women and their ability to "wuk up" (Barbados) or "wine" the term used in Trinidad & Tobago. Promiscuous dancing at West Indian carnivals serves as a means of liberation and self-expression, particularly for women. Historically speaking, women's bodies have been policed and controlled, often subjected to societal restrictions on movement and expression. However, West Indian carnivals challenge these norms by providing a space for women to reclaim their bodies, autonomy, and sexual agency. Promiscuous dancing empowers women to assert their desires and challenge society's expectations, celebrating their bodies and embracing their sexuality on their own terms. By breaking free from societal constraints, women find liberation and an avenue to express their true selves through uninhibited dance forms.
Definitely fire... what we see at Carnivals throughout the Caribbean basin, which most likely occurs during fetes rather than carnivals. If you want to know what Carnival euphoria is about, then you need to take a look at what this couple used to showcase carnival ecstasy. I know what you are thinking, "Damn Girl... What Would Your Mama Say?" Is that it? No, not for the guys watching. They wish they could have that guys experience and the ladies would be like, "I could do better than that!" 
Here is our advice for the guys, all wines are not the same, make sure you understand that this is just a wine after which you walk away, if it isn't and you get that look then you hit the jackpot 'son'! Seriously now, there will be those watching and wishing they could do that or better. It is important to note, however, that some condescending views send them straight to hell! My advice is that we should all do what makes us happy because tomorrow cannot be guaranteed. Live your life to the fullest and if it means making some prude unhappy, so be it!
Finally, don't condemn something you don't understand. Keep in mind the historical context and understand that promiscuous dancing at West Indian carnivals represents a vibrant celebration of culture, liberation, and identity. We hope this helps but we are confident that you will forget all that you read here after watching the video posted with this video.
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