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BlackWidowSounds | Bacchanal Sunday

By Published May 09, 2023
After arriving from the Caribbean and settling in New York City, three brothers moved to Philadelphia where they continued their love of music. They continued to improve their DJ skills and worked tirelessly to impact the Philadelphia party scene. After brainstorming, they came up with the name "BlackWidowSounds" as a promotional tool. Indeed, the BlackWidowSounds DJ team was born when three became one, and is now considered one of the most fearless DJ outfits in Philadelphia today.

Sokah2Soca through its partnership with Island Vybe Radio is now family! Family means we look out for each other and promote each other. Today, we present a mix that blog fans will love and appreciate. The mix is just over three and a half hours long so get your snacks and drinks out for this one and party with your friends. This is Bacchanal Sunday, a mix by Black Widow Sounds... one of the best DJs in Philly!

From the DJs:
When your every waking moment has been saturated with your dad playing music from a wide spectrum i.e., Calypso, R&B, Reggae, Soca - you have no choice but to adopt that insatiable love for music as well. Stanley, Darrel and Glen Fatal grew up on St. Lucia in the West Indies. Those who know them personally can tell you that music has and will always be a huge part of their lives.
After they migrated to the United States one thing that was always apparent among these young men was their love of each other (very rarely are they seen without the other) and their growing love of music which became more than a hobby. While living in New York and sampling the New York party scene which nurtured a very fertile atmosphere for emerging DJ’s and promoters, “the boys”, as they were affectionately called, sometimes discovered a deeper interest in their craft. As we all know life happens, changes occur but once you are determined to pursue your passion nothing can stop you. It is fair to say that even after moving to PA they still remain steadfast in refining their skills and paving their way through the Philly scene.
Many say that Philly is a difficult market to crack as a DJ because of the presumed exclusive fraternity of DJ’s that have secured their own spot as regulars on the scene and are protective, but that didn’t deter the brothers. While getting acquainted with the Philly DJ scene Stanley, Darrel and Glen who had changed their name to BlackWidowSounds had begun to carve a name for themselves. People began to take notice. The road to building their brand wasn’t always paved with supporters or readily available opportunities. However, BlackWidowSounds worked to create their own signature events like their infamous Halloween Haunted Boat ride which sells out every October. They have graced many platforms such as the Atlantic City Carnival, Philly Carnival and were featured DJs in the famed Labor Day Parade. No matter what the project is, BlackWidowSounds refines their skills and broadens their audience. They also leave their distinctive sound and imprint wherever they travel to vibe with the people.
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Mixtape Title: Bacchanal Sunday
Mixed by: Black Widow Sounds
Contact: (347) 724-1651
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Social Media: @blackwidowsounds758
Genre: Soca
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