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Price Gouging Alert: Kes the Band Tickets for Central Park Show, NYC 2024

By Published February 25, 2024

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The price keeps going UP!

When Kees of KES the Band announced that they would be performing at the Summer Stage in New York City this summer, the New York fan base was ecstatic with joy. Immediately, people went online to source tickets. The smart fan was aware that once these tickets went on sale, they would be sold out quickly, and that is exactly what happened. There was joy as many were able to purchase tickets for the show, and then... some were unable to get tickets, and the frenzy began to repurchase sold tickets! 
The show is scheduled for June, and the tickets are already selling in the after-market sphere at more than 600% of their original value. Trust us, tickets will be sold for $1K. So if you think that is a reach, keep an eye on social media. Go ahead and see what has already taken place and the desire to obtain tickets as time passes and we approach June.  Now let's take a look at how all of this happened and what can be done to avoid this situation in the future. 
Kes the Band, the popular Trinidadian Soca group, is set to perform at Central Park’s SummerStage on June 8, 2024. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this event, but unfortunately, Ticketmaster recently reported that all tickets are sold out. However, this scarcity has led to an alarming trend: price gouging.
The Impact
Price gouging not only harms fans but also undermines the spirit of live music events. Concerts are meant to be accessible to all, allowing fans to connect with their favorite artists and enjoy shared experiences. When ticket prices skyrocket due to scarcity, it creates an unfair playing field, favoring those who can afford to pay inflated prices.
Ticket Scarcity and Price Gouging
Despite the official sell-out status, some opportunistic individuals are taking advantage of the situation. On various platforms, including resale websites and social media, people are asking as much as $500 per ticket for Kes the Band’s Central Park show. This exorbitant pricing far exceeds the original face value of the tickets and is causing frustration among fans who were unable to secure tickets during the initial sale.
What Can Be Done?
As fans, we can take a stand against price gouging by reporting unfair listings:
If you come across Kes the Band tickets being resold at exorbitant prices, report them to the respective platforms (such as Ticketmaster or StubHub). Most platforms have policies against price gouging, and they may take action to remove such listings.
Support Official Channels: 
Whenever possible, purchase tickets directly from authorized sources. This ensures that artists and event organizers receive fair compensation and discourages scalpers from profiting unfairly.
Spread Awareness: 
Share this information with fellow fans. Let’s create awareness about the issue and encourage a fair and inclusive concert experience for everyone.
Kes the Band’s performance in Central Park promises to be an unforgettable event. Let’s work together to ensure that fans can attend without being exploited by unscrupulous resellers. Music should unite us, not divide us based on our ability to pay. Remember, the true value of a concert lies in the joy it brings, the memories it creates, and the shared love for music. Let’s keep that spirit alive.
The information provided here is based on available reports and observations. Prices and availability may change, so always verify details through official channels.
This post aims to shed light on the issue of price gouging and advocate for fair ticket pricing. Kes the Band’s music continues to inspire fans worldwide, and we hope that everyone can enjoy their live performance without undue financial strain.
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Here is a past promotion for Kes Summer Stage in New York City
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