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 I have been Djing for about 15 years. I’ve had the privilege of Djing in top clubs and venues on the east coast and Drexel’s radio WKDU, weddings and private events. Participated in a numerous amount of Caribbean and African music festivals and events. In addition to that I promote my own events. Collaborations with ‘Drum like a lady’ Dhalak Paradise, Q from fox 29, Dj jazzy jeff and so many more. I’m very universal and diverse with my style of Djing because the basis of all things especially music is spiritual. I play the music I listen to and I listen to the music that’s in alignment with my soul and spirit. I am a drummer, pianist and singer which makes it easier to flow adds to the magic and art Djing. My mother a black Indian American and my father Ethiopian. I grew up learning two totally different perspectives about spirituality education and music which led me to my own journey of find where I fit and what fits me. Ethiopia and the teachings of Haile Selassie whom caught my attention. Then I had a dream about Bob Marley before so I started collecting the music and realized a lot of what he would sing was the teachings of Selassie and Marcus Harvey. It’s resonated with my soul so I fell in love with culture reggae, then lovers rock, dancehall followed. When I heard Soca it literally set my soul on fire in the most joyful way. The music expresses so much joy love and good energy I think I play it the most now. All in all experiencing different cultures has forced me to be open minded and inquisitive about different music around the world because it’s a language that expresses aspects of culture and so many experiences and aspects of the gods. I consider myself a portal for good music and good energy to flow through. In closing I’m responsible with the gift the gods have given me and I stay aligned with that in mind.








  • A way of broadcasting the Island culture not just thru our Music but also thru our voice.

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